Abusive Relationship PSA

This video was created by a few close friends of mine. When I was a junior they were seniors. This video is what sparked my passion for video making and what made me take the class.

Benjamin + Sarah

This video was created by my sister Sarah. It was on a different editing system and was created specifically to hold memories between her and her boyfriend Benjamin.

Self-Harm PSA

A video done by a few friends and I in high school. We worked hard on this video and with a bit more time it could have been done much better than it was. But we were happy with the outcome.

Equality PSA

Done by a group of friends and I in class. We had a lot of fun with this assignment and by far this was our best work. This video was actually aired on the schools afternoon show for students.

“It Isn’t Me”

A music video done in high school, just for fun. We had extra time after our other assignments were done and made this video just for giggles.