The Past

An interview of David Kenneth Pena age 65. Done on Thursday, November 26th at 7pm in his home.


Question 1: Where did your family come from?

Answer: “We came from the Cape Verde Islands, off the coast of Africa.”

Question 2: What was your first job, and why did you pick that job?

Answer: “My first official job was in the National Guard garage. I chose that job mainly because it was part of summer program for youths.

Question 3: How did that job affect your life?

Answer: “Working for the National Guard showed me that there was a lot to the military that I hadn’t known about. It kind of made me understand how serious the military really was.”

Question 4: What was your goal when you were nineteen v.s. your goal now?

Answer: “When I was nineteen, I wanted to make as much money as I could to support my family. I also wanted to have enough money so that in the future I could retire. Now that I have supported my family and am retired, my goal is to stay as healthy as I can, enjoy retirement, and keep a close relationship with my family.”

Question 5: What was the most important to you when you were nineteen, v.s. now?

Answer: “When I was nineteen, I was in the coast guard serving my country during the Vietnam war. I was on the ships, and taking care of my country was the most important thing to me. Now, I’m a retired firefighter and seeing my kids be successful in life and be able to be self sufficient is the most important to me.”