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Greetings one and all, welcome to my page! Please bear with me as I am currently in the middle of a transition and shall be attempting to write this virtual Book of Shadows, and all around informational blog to help share knowledge and understanding.

First I think it would be best to introduce myself. My name is Crowley Ravenwood. I follow a blended Pagan path of a mixture of Druid rituals of my ancestors, and other shamanistic magiks. Occationally my wife, Blackrose Ravewood my add her own collected knowledge, but I will let her tell you about herself.

I started following this path shortly after finding God. Realizing that God exists and wondering what else was out there I began researching the Occult and Paranormal Activity. Praying, and worshipping to the Divine Creator, I only use Magik as a means to protect my family and heal or help those who are…

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So Pretty



Live to Learn


It is the unspoken words between two people.  The look in her eyes and smile on her face.  There can be no more than that for the fear of social outcasting.  Those silly, inane rules that create taboo relations.  She calls and I can only go where there are no rules.  I kneel at my altar and light two candles, one for the Goddess of the night and one for the God of the day.  I allow myself to go deep into the inner depths of consciousness.  I walk into her mind where she is patiently waiting, surrounded by the clouds of conflict.  She reaches her hand to touch mind, it is electric.  We embrace and kiss as only true desire can.  The clouds part and give way to light as if we are the eye of a storm.  Ecstasy ensues and after the communion of our souls I must leave for…

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i love this

Junot Diaz


Child abuse takes place all over the world. In a first world country a beating may just be a spanking, but in a third world country a beating might just be a full lashing. Though beating should not take place anywhere. Truth be told a parent beating their child may have stemmed from the way the parents were treated when they were younger. If beating got them to do as they were told, the direct mindset tells the that’s how they will get thier child to do as they are told. But there are other ways to make a child listen, beating shouldn’t even be an option. Even if anger boils in a parent and full frustration nd exhaustion leads them to rais their hand, it should not fall on the child or a lover. As to why neighbors don’t step in to help would be the thought of causing more harm, or if their mindset is fixated the same way.

Umpqua School Shooting

image.adapt.960.high.umpqua_shooting_01a.jpgMy heart goes out to the families of the students that lost their lives during the shooting that took place. My sorrow for the close friends of those who passed. For those who have not dealt with losing a close friend the situation is shocking, the pain unimaginable. For me, having lost several friends before even reaching my senior year, I know the pain well. People who partake in violent acts are people who I believe looked for help in the wrong places and saw no other way. There is always a way. If kids are raised by proper parents, those who know what they are doing and seek to bond with and love their child,  kids will grow up less disturbed. Kids who grow up in violent homes, or a home where they are often ignored can cause violent outbursts. All schools should have a better understanding of their student, teachers should be friendlier so if need be a student is comfortable with speaking about things that upset them. Teaching about different ways to deal with anger and sadness should be brought into a classroom, where kids who don’t know where to find this information can easily obtain it.

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